Hinter den Kulissen der kartenmacherei
Wir lieben, was wir tunHinter den Kulissen der kartenmacherei
Wir lieben, was wir tun


Agile Mindset @ kartenmacherei

At kartenmacherei we foster an agile mindset. Why? Because an agile mindset helps us to achieve better results, while being more r

How Pair Working can give your Teams a Turbo Boost

Developers have known Pair Programming since the beginning of the century as one of the key elements of the Extreme Programming so

Die Magie der kleinen Schritte: Warum wir klein denken sollten, um Großes zu erreichen

Ich bin ein Alles-oder-nichts-Mensch. Entweder ich esse keine Schokolade oder gleich die ganze Tafel, gehe regelmäßig laufen oder

Wir sind die kartenmacherei: Sandras Weg vom Außenhandel zum Employer Branding

Was macht eine studierte Ernährungsberaterin und Pilates Trainerin mit Logistik Background in einem Unternehmen, das personalisier

We built an app and this is what we’ve learned

This article is not targeted at a developer audience only. Project managers e.g. might find it interesting as well.

Meine Ausbildung

Dieses Gedicht, bringt ein wenig Licht,hinter die Kulissen,all das solltest du über die kartenmacherei wissen,das Was,das Wie,das

My Learnings as a Junior JavaScript Developer

Embarking on the study of a new profession is always replete with challenges. Usually the learning experience takes place under th

You failed in OKR land! Well done.

Yes, key results (KRs) should always be measurable. Make sure to measure results though. I have seen it several times that KRs sta

Why I used PHP to teach myself Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Im Regen singen

Last fall I wrote a story about my decision to move to Germany for work. At the time everything had changed for me. I had moved th