Behind the scenes of kartenmacherei
We love, what we doBehind the scenes of kartenmacherei
We love, what we do


What to do after you killed your business

It was 11.30 p.m. on a rainy Wednesday night. I was still sitting in my “office” — a small room inside the apartment I lived in to

Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat! And don’t forget to laugh about it.

You often read about successful people saying that they experienced lots of failures just to be successful in the long-run. But wh

Simplicity in Software Engineering is not Simple!

Why simplicity is not that simple?

Embracing UX

What is UX? Many diagrams out there show UX at the intersection of different professions, like design, development or business. So

Hack innovation! Stop wasting time, money, and nerves.

Wasted time, wasted money, and wasted nerves! We all suffer when trying to discover new products and businesses. A maze of coachin

Retrospective — An agile ceremony

Mature as a team. This is what makes us — the kartenmacherei. The pursuit of excellence, always focus on the happiness of the cust

Uuund cut! Hinter den Kulissen des kartenmacherei-Weihnachtsspots

Morgens 6:00 Uhr. Der Wecker klingelt. Die ersten Sekunden Müdigkeit. Nach und nach sammeln sich meine Gedanken und ich erinnere m

Von der Hotellerie zum E-Commerce: Wie ein Branchenwechsel Alexandras Leben veränderte

Der Hotellerie den Rücken kehren? Für unsere Office Managerin Alexandra lange undenkbar. Obwohl regelmäßige Doppelschichten, Woche

A Poker Mindset — 7 helpful analogies between business and poker

Poker is just a game of luck. Isn’t it? Why are many very successful entrepreneurs or business people fascinated by this game? Wha

SmokeTest in development

Today I want to tell you about what SmokeTests in software development are, and how they help us at kartenmacherei to identify pro