This page was created by our trainees


Hi! We're Juline and Eike, the two trainees at the kartenmacherei. On this page we'd like to give you a brief impression of our everyday work, so that you can see what training at the kartenmacherei is like.

Die Azubis mit ihren Ausbildern

There's a strong feeling of solidarity here, thanks to the openness of all our colleagues and the relaxed working atmosphere within the entire team. If we have questions there's always someone there to help us. With every project we learn something new, which increasingly enables us to carry out our tasks on our own initiative.

Unsere Aufgaben als Auszubildende

There are currently two of us doing our training at the kartenmacherei. Juline as a media designer and Eike as an IT specialist. We have very different areas of responsibility and accordingly also work on different projects. However, we worked on one project together and had lots of fun. The result is the trainee page which you're looking at right now.

We started with the screen design and then thought about how we could create our page. After we had decided on the concept, the next stage was the development. Here I (Juline) was able to learn a lot from Eike, because he was familiar with the various programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

My responsibilities as a media designer

These also include minor tasks. On the one hand this involves the creation of various print products or product graphics, and on the other hand advertising banners.
If you look at the kartenmacherei shop, you'll notice that it consists of lots of banners and texts. These have to be designed and regularly updated. It's a great feeling to see your own designs live on the website.

My responsibilities as an IT specialist

IT specialists develop applications for the Internet. They test what they have programmed, identify any errors and then try to fix them. In addition they document their projects./n/nThe best thing about this job is that there is no typical working day, at least not when it comes to the details. There is always something new to learn, and you're always delighted when the code functions.

Training in media design

Nadine vom Stein - /nInstructor in digital and print media design/n/nI originally come from the Cologne area, but I've lived in beautiful Bavaria since 2006, and have worked at the kartenmacherei since 2012. As a trained photographer I am of course passionate about great pictures and graphic works of all kinds. It's a privilege for me to be part of the team which introduces design work to young people with creative interests, and passes on practical know-how to them.

Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker

Sebastian Thoss - IT instructor Hi, my name's Basti. Since April 2015 I've been in charge here in Hamburg of training our IT specialists and all backend developers. In my operations the use of agile methods such as 'Scrum' and 'Lean' is really important, especially because we are always looking for the very best solution! Of course this also means thinking outside the box.

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