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You want to work with us but didn't find a job offer that matches your skills? No worries! We are always open to create new positions for great people. Let us know why you would like to join our team and how you could support us. 

Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose

These three words play an important role in our daily business and already tell a lot about what makes us excel as a company. Want to know more? Find out how we work. 


Recruiting process

1. What does the recruiting process look like?

What does the recruiting process look like at better?
It is our goal to get to know you and your qualifications, as well as giving you an impression of kartenmacherei, our team and the work we do here. That’s why the process varies depending on the position. The first step normally involves an invitation for a get to know appointment. Afterwards we will invite you to one or two more appointments, depending on the position. Here you will get to know the team, work on cases and discuss them with several members of the team. In the last step we will invite you for a culture fit interview to see if our core values suit you and you’d like to become part of our team.

2. What should I take into account when applying?

It is important for us to understand why you are the right person for the job. Your application is the first impression. Tell us what drives you, what makes you enthusiastic. Which topics are right up your alley, what successes have you celebrated, where have you failed? If you apply for a job in creative or tech we look forward to seeing your portfolio.

3. What’s the best way to apply?

We are using a central application management system, to which all relevant colleagues have access to. Ideally you apply online by clicking the “Apply Now” button. Through this we immediately receive a message that your application has been received and we will answer as fast as possible. For an unsolicited application please send an email to join@better.team.

 4. Are all offered jobs still available?

Yes. As long as they are online, they are valid. Sometimes we are looking for more than one person for one position, therefore some jobs are online for quite some time.

5. When should I expect a response and how long does the whole process take?

The process length varies depending on the position and availabilities on both sides. The current duration from application to signed contract is 1,5 months. There are several talks for each position and it is our claim to give you feedback as soon as possible. If you need feedback really fast, please communicate this with us from the beginning, we can consider this during our planning.

6. What is the best way to prepare for my interview?

First of all: There is no dress code. Come as you like and feel comfortable with. Furthermore you should know who we are. You can inform yourself on our blog or our career page. It may happen that we ask you in further talks to think about and work on different questions. Therefore you will receive information from us in time. Otherwise: Be yourself. Don’t hide behind diplomatic chatter, show us your rough edges.

Working at better

1. Is there the possibility to work part time?

Yes. A lot of our colleagues, either men or women, work part time. If we want to work with you, we would like to give you the flexibility to realize your private projects. We offer different possibilities, e.g. Tandem Work or Jobsharing.

2. Can I work from my home office?

Yes. Working from home is an important component for flexible and self-determined work. And we mean it.

3. Are there core working times?

No, we don’t have core working times. You decide when and how long you work. There are some exceptions for our teams with direct customer contact, because they need to be reachable at certain times. But here too, you have the the opportunity to voice your suggestions and wishes. Our most important maxim: Do what makes sense and coordinate with your team.

4. Is there support for finding lodgings/Visa, etc.?

Employees from 18 nations work at kartenmacherei. We have already been through a number of visa processes and we try to support our colleagues as much as we can. 

5. How does further education look like at kartenmacherei?

It strongly depends on your individual wishes. Do you want to visit a certain conference? Do you need special coaching? We are not working with budgets. You decide which education makes the most sense for you and better. Exchange views with the team and get feedback.