Ready for impact?

Be an entrepreneur. Make a difference.

Ready for impact?

Ready for lift-off?

Are you a naturally born entrepreneur? Ready to lift ideas into impactful businesses? Take action now and join our crew to blaze new paths, develop new products and create new worlds with us. If you want to live your passion for entrepreneurship in a great team, and if you want to learn and grow every single day, this is the place to be. We do not just talk about entrepreneurship. We live it. Day by day. 

Are you brave enough?

Our company is built on passion. We love what we do and we strive for mastery. To boost our team and to reach new spheres we’re looking for entrepreneurial masterminds to join our international crew. Whatever we do, we want to make a difference. And we want you to do it, too. If you have grit, a great business sense and team spirit, you should continue reading. Are you brave enough to join our team?

Discover. Create. Aim higher.

This is your countdown

This is your chance to create, evaluate and develop business ideas within a professional environment, together with a great team and without risking it all. Bring products to life, guide new ventures to breakthroughs, be an entrepreneur.

Ground support is ready

As venture builder or entrepreneur in residence you benefit from full assistance: being it accounting, graphics or web development. You get the support you need to push forward and to focus on developing your business.

Go for launch now

Our core business is your launchpad. You don’t have to start from the very scratch. With access to a huge customer base, technical infrastructure and a broad range of in-house experts your business is boosted before lift-off.

„You need grit and patience to bring great ideas to life. “

Christoph Behn, Founder & CEO

In 2010, Christoph quit his job as management consultant with Bain to finally follow his purpose: building companies and being an entrepreneur. After some unsuccessful attempts, he founded - which he boostrapped from scratch to European pole position within 5 years. For Christoph, this was just the beginning. Today, he is business angel, serial entrepreneur and mentor for startup founders.

Our crew is waiting for you!


As an Entrepreneur in Residence your mission is to look out for new business oppurtunities, validate business models and to bring the most promising ideas to life - together with our team. If you have a hands-on mentality combined with analytical skills this might be your dream job.


You have already built a start-up or a venture but one project is not enough for you? Then this is the countdown for your future mission: As a Venture Builder you share your knowledge and experience with several venture teams. Ask the right quesitons, challenge the teams and make our ventures grow!

Being expert in one field is not what you need to build a company.

Max Sutter

Entrepreneur in Residence

„You don‘t know how to build a startup until you build a startup.“ After his graduation at HHL, Max could not wait to finally become an entrepreneur. He started his own startup. „Too early “ - as he says today. Despite know-how and nerves of steel, he failed.

Watch this interview to learn why Max decided to join our team as entrepreneur in residence. And get some insights in his everyday work.

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